Why Pro Gamers Wear Earbuds and Headphones

Why Pro Gamers Wear Earbuds and Headphones?

Welcome to our blog post on “Why Pro Gamers Wear Earbuds and Headphones”. In recent years, esports has become increasingly popular, with a huge audience tuning in to see professional gamers compete in tournaments. While the players’ skills are undoubtedly crucial to their success, many people may wonder why pro gamers wear earbuds and headphones while playing. This article will help find the reasons behind this practice and its benefits to gamers during tournaments. We’ll dive into the importance of earbuds and noise-cancelling headphones and how they allow players to achieve optimal performance. So, whether you’re a pro gamer looking to enhance your game or a curious onlooker, let’s delve into the world of esports and discover why pro gamers wear earbuds and headphones.

It might seem weird to wear two headsets at once. However, there are several reasons why professional gamers wear earbuds in addition to their noise-cancelling headphones. The benefits of using these two headsets together will be covered in the article.

The most significant benefit of wearing earbuds and noise-cancelling headphones is improving the game experience. Professional gamers can hear every sound in the game using earphones while noise-cancelling headphones block out any irritating background noise. The result is an immersive gaming environment that improves the performance of professional gamers.

Combining earbuds and noise-cancelling headphones can give pro gamers a competitive edge while improving the gaming experience. Professional gamers who hear every sound in the game can better track their rivals and predict their moves. Noise-cancelling headphones can also block out crowd noise, a major irritant at live events.

The gear used by professional gamers has developed to include earbuds and headphones with noise cancellation. In the following sections, we’ll review the benefits of earbuds with noise-cancelling headphones and why they’ve become such an essential part of esports.

Primary Headset: Earbuds

Small in-ear headphones, known as earbuds, fit inside the ear canal. In esports competitions, they are now considered necessary gear for professional gamers.

Importance of Earbuds in Gaming:

Because they offer excellent sound clarity and precision, earbuds are essential for gaming. Professional gamers must be able to hear every last aspect of the game to compete at their highest level. With earbuds, players can listen to in-game sounds like footsteps, gunshots, and other audio cues that aid in locating their opponents.

Functionality of Earbuds in Esports:

Earbuds are essential for increasing the game experience in esports. They are made to give players a crystal-clear, high-quality audio experience that enables them to hear every sound in the game. Because many esports tournaments occur in crowded arenas, crowd noise can significantly distract. Pro gamers can better concentrate on their games by using earbuds to shut out outside noise.

Role of Earbuds in Communication during Gaming:

Esports require effective communication, particularly in team games like Dota 2 and League of Legends. Professional gamers must communicate with their teammates to plot plans and coordinate their plays throughout the game. Due to their ability to hear colleagues’ voices, earbuds are essential for effective gaming communication. Teams must communicate clearly to collaborate well and perform at their peak.

In conclusion, professional gamers’ enjoyment of their games during esports competitions is much improved by using earbuds. They offer crystal-clear audio, allowing players to concentrate by hearing every sound in the game. Additionally, earbuds make it easier for teammates to communicate clearly while playing.

Secondary Headset: Noise-cancelling Headphones

Pro gamers that compete in esports frequently use noise-cancelling headphones in addition to their earbuds, which are their primary headset.

Need for Noise-cancelling Headphones in Gaming:

The ability of noise-cancelling headphones to eliminate outside noise has recently increased in popularity. It is crucial in video games since even negligible noise can annoy a player and impair performance. Sounds-cancelling headphones can aid professional gamers in maintaining their attention and performing at their best by obstructing outside sounds.

Reasons for Wearing Noise-cancelling Headphones in Esports:

Pro gamers use noise-cancelling headphones during esports competitions for a variety of reasons. Noise from the crowd is the first justification. Esports competitions are frequently hosted in enormous arenas with a large audiences. Professional gamers may find the crowd noise disturbing, but noise-cancelling headphones can help block out the noise so they can concentrate on the game.

To filter out critique is the second justification. A live commentary team typically offers analysis and insights on the game during esports competitions. It can be unpleasant for professional gamers, even though it may be helpful for viewers. They can avoid being distracted by the discussion by using noise-cancelling headphones.

The third reason is to muffle game equipment sounds. There is frequently a lot of gaming gear present during esports competitions, including computers, keyboards, and mouse. Professional players may find the sounds these devices make disturbing. Donning noise-cancelling headphones may minimize background noise and help concentrate on the game.

Advantages of Noise-cancelling Headphones over Regular Ones:

Noise-cancelling headphones have several benefits over standard ones. They are perfect for noisy environments since, among other things, they are made to shut out external noise. Second, they offer a more immersive auditory experience, which can improve professional gamers’ enjoyment of their games. Finally, because they are made to fit snugly over the ear without causing discomfort, they are more comfortable to wear for extended periods.

In conclusion, noise-cancelling headphones are a necessary piece of gear for professional gamers competing in esports events. They aid in noise cancellation so players can concentrate on the game and provide their best effort. They are also more comfortable to wear for extended periods than standard headphones and offer a more immersive audio experience.

Why Pro Gamers Wear Earbuds and Headphones
SE215 Shure

Avoiding Crowd Noise

Crowd noise is an essential element affecting players’ performance in esports competitions. The applauding and yelling of the spectators might divert professional gamers and impair their focus. Professional gamers must concentrate on the game, pay close attention to every sound, and react quickly when under duress. Any interruption can result in subpar performance and game loss.

The Impact of Crowd Noise on Gaming Performance

Crowd noise can significantly affect how well a game is played. Players must pay close attention to the sound of footsteps, gunfire, and other in-game audio cues in first-person shooter games to determine their opponents’ positions. In these circumstances, even a slight diversion can impair their performance. Pro gamers may have trouble hearing important audio cues due to crowd noise masking in-game audio.

How Noise-Cancelling Headphones Help in Blocking Out Crowd Noise

To reduce crowd noise during esports events, professional gamers wear noise-cancelling headphones. With cutting-edge technology, these headphones produce sound waves that are out of phase with any outside noise. Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is the name of the technology in question. When using ANC headphones, the noise outside is analyzed, and waves are created to cancel it out before it reaches the ear. Professional gamers can tune out crowd noise and focus on the game by donning noise-cancelling headphones.

Examples of Esports Events with a Noisy Audience

A loud audience is expected at esports tournaments. The League of Legends World Championship, where hundreds of fans congregate to see their favourite teams battle, is among the most well-known. It might be difficult for players to concentrate while the crowd yells and chants, distracting from the game. Another well-attended esports competition with a large audience is the International Dota 2 Championship. The event draws tens of thousands of spectators worldwide, and the crowd noise can be deafening for athletes. Pro gamers who use noise-cancelling headphones can tune out distractions and focus on the game.

Blocking Out Sports Presenter’s Speech

Esports competitions are frequently aired live, with commentators offering commentary and gameplay insights. While these commentators offer the audience valuable information, professional gamers playing the game may find them to be a significant distraction. The remark may distract professional gamers from concentrating on the game and their winning strategy.

The Role of Sports Presenters in Esports

The esports ecosystem is only complete with sports commentators or presenters. They offer in-depth analysis, play-by-play commentary, and post-match interviews to assist the public in better comprehending the game. The commentators put much effort into engrossing and entertaining the audience during the competition.

The Distraction Caused by Sports Presenter’s Speech

As noted, professional gamers playing the game may become seriously distracted by esports commentators. The words of the commentators may distract the players from their need to pay attention to the game’s audio cues and interact with their teammates. Even when the analysis is innovative, it can still distract players from the competition.

How Noise-Cancelling Headphones Help in Blocking Out Sports Presenter’s Speech?

Professional gamers use noise-cancelling headphones during an esports event to block out the sports announcer’s speech. The purpose of the noise-cancelling headphones is to block out all background noise, including commentary, and offer a rich audio experience. Gamers can only hear the audio from the games as the active noise-cancelling technology in the headphones detects and cancels out outside noise.

Professional gamers can focus on the game and communicate with their colleagues without being distracted by the sports presenter’s remarks by shutting out the speech. For gamers to function at their peak, a noise-free atmosphere is helped by noise-cancelling headphones.

In conclusion, sports presenters are a crucial component of the esports ecosystem, but the professional gamers participating in the game may find their speech very distracting. Professional gamers wear noise-cancelling headphones to eliminate background noise and create an intense gaming experience. As a result of reduced distractions, gamers can better focus on the game and communicate with their teammates.

Avoiding External Noise

Professional gaming competitions can be loud settings with many distractions that affect players’ performance. Because of this, professional gamers utilize noise-cancelling headphones to block out background sounds that may otherwise distract them from the game.

Potential sources of external noise in gaming tournaments

Pro players may become distracted by noise at gaming tournaments from various sources. These sources comprise, among others:

  • Equipment used by other players: Many other players may utilize various equipment during a gaming event. Pro players may become distracted by the sounds this equipment makes.
  • Esports tournaments have a sizable crowd, just like in any other sport, and this audience may make a lot of noise, especially during exciting game moments.
  • Commentary noise: During esports competitions, commentators offer in-game commentary, which can produce a lot of noise.
  • Environmental noise: The gaming tournament’s location, which includes air conditioning, lights, and even people moving around, can produce a lot of outside noise.

How can external noise distract pro gamers?

Outside noise can divert professional gamers in a variety of ways, including:

  • Focus loss: Professional gamers’ concentration levels might be decreased by any noise distracting them from the game.
  • Loud noises can make people stressed out and unable to function at their best, affecting pro gamers.
  • Decreasing accuracy: In shooting games, locating enemies requires hearing their footsteps. The sound might be distorted by any outside noise, making it challenging for players to identify the enemy.

How do noise-cancelling headphones help in blocking out external noise?

Advanced technology is used in noise-cancelling headphones to reduce outside noise. The sound waves entering the headphones are analyzed, and then opposite sound waves are produced to cancel them out. Professional gamers can concentrate on the game and perform at their best by donning noise-cancelling headphones that block out all background noise.

To summarize, professional gamers wear noise-cancelling headphones to block out background noise that can impair their game ability. These headphones analyze and eliminate outside sound waves, allowing users to concentrate on the game and give their best effort. Pro gamers can ensure a fair chance to compete in a noisy and distracting environment by adopting noise-cancelling headphones.

X Cloud II HyperX
X Cloud II HyperX

Immersive Gaming Experience

Professional players are constantly looking for methods to improve their gameplay and efficiency. An immersive gaming experience is created by pairing earbuds and noise-cancelling headphones, which is advantageous in many ways.

Benefits of combining earbuds and noise-cancelling headphones 

Professional gamers can hear every single sound in the game using earbuds, making it easier to detect their enemies’ positions and react appropriately. Gamers can better focus on the game by blocking outside sounds with noise-cancelling headphones. Using these two headsets together gives players a more realistic and immersive gaming experience, which can improve their performance.

How an immersive gaming experience enhances gaming performance? 

Thanks to an immersive gaming environment, professional gamers may avoid distractions and concentrate entirely on the game. Their decision-making, precision, and reaction times are all improved, which benefits esports. An immersive gaming experience can also aid in lowering stress and anxiety while enhancing performance.

Advantages of using two headsets over one 

While a single headset may seem adequate for gaming, two headsets offer several benefits. Earbuds allow players to hear every sound, which is crucial in games that demand precise and quick reactions. Sounds-cancelling headphones assist in reducing disturbing outside sounds. Pro gamers can have an immersive gaming experience with these headsets, which can help them play better.

In conclusion, pro gamers can improve their performance by using earbuds and noise-cancelling headphones to create an immersive gaming environment. While noise-cancelling headphones mute any distracting outside noise, earbuds allow players to hear every sound in the game. Combining these headsets enhances decision-making, accuracy, and reaction times, ultimately improving gaming performance.


Are there any downsides to wearing two headsets in gaming? 

There are no significant downsides to wearing two headsets in gaming. However, some people can find it uncomfortable to wear two headsets simultaneously.

What type of earbuds and headphones do pro gamers use? 

Pro gamers typically use high-quality earbuds and noise-cancelling headphones. Brands like Shure, Sennheiser, and HyperX are popular among pro gamers.

Can wearing two headsets cause any discomfort? 

Wearing two headsets can cause discomfort if they are too tight or not fitted correctly. However, pro gamers usually choose comfortable and adjustable headsets to avoid discomfort.

HD 599 Sennheiser
HD 599 Sennheiser


In conclusion, professional gamers frequently combine earbuds and noise-cancelling headphones for a good cause. Combining these two headsets offers several advantages that improve gaming performance and enjoyment.

For gamers to speak with one another and receive important in-game audio cues, earbuds are a need. Noise-cancelling headphones cancel out background noise, such as that produced by crowds and sports announcers, which can distract and harm a player’s ability to concentrate while playing. Additionally, using both headsets together creates an immersive gaming environment that completely immerses players in the game.

While using two headsets while gaming has advantages, it’s important to remember that there could be drawbacks like discomfort and sound distortion. Pro gamers have discovered ways to lessen these drawbacks by choosing their earbuds and noise-cancelling headphones wisely and regulating the volume.

Overall, professional gaming has incorporated the use of earphones and noise-cancelling headphones. Any serious gamer who wants to increase their efficiency and enjoyment must have it.


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